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Learning Games for Kids – a Great Games Site

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Learning Games for Kids a Great Games SiteLearning Games for Kids is a great new games website devoted to educational games and with strict privacy rules, making it seem ideal for use in school.

The site seems to be linked with Spelling City which is a good and useful site which we have shared before.


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Capacity and Water Maths

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Capacity and Water MathsLearning all about capacity can be great fun with sand and water. Set up an outside investigation area for use on lovely sunny days.

Here are some websites with maths investigations and many of these are using water or sand. Though not all are suitable, there are plenty of things for indoor days too:

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Interactive Maths and Numeracy

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Interactive Maths and NumeracyMany moons ago there were lots of free interactive maths games created and shared by the DfEE which were to be used to teach whole classes on the interactive whiteboards. At the time they were innovative and great, but sadly time moves on and they look very old now. TeachIt Primary have created a ...

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The Mathematics Shed

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The Mathematics ShedThe Mathematics Shed is the latest website from the team that developed The Literacy Shed.

They have started to collect videos that will help teacher present a range of maths topics in a fun way.

There are already so many section headings  in use, including:

  • Maths Tool Shed
  • Maths Topic Shed
  • Beat the Brain Shed
  • Maths Shopping Shed
  • Maths Inquiry Shed

Also sheds ...

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0 a Great Classroom Resource

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Multiplication.commultiplication_com is a website designed to teach children their times tables through games.

In there are lots of teacher resources:

  • Picture and Story giant teaching cards
  • Animated video
  • Class activities and games
  • Colouring pages
  • Workbook pages
  • Quizzes

The site also offers many classroom resources:

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